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Attend events

Below is a list of upcoming forums for you to voice your opinions to the candidates face to face. We'll keep the list populated as new events emerge. Find an event near you and let your candidates know the value of arts, culture and heritage in BC!


  1. Familiarize yourself with the ArtsVote BC website! Check out our Voter Resources section for facts and figures to help you make the case for arts and culture in British Columbia!
  2. Prepare questions in advance! Knowing the questions you need to ask your candidates will help you get the answers you need to make an informed vote.
  3. Tell a personal story about arts and culture and their positive impacts on you or your community.
  4. Keep up with our Candidates' Surveys. We've polled each candidate on their platform around BC arts and culture, and we're posting the responses on the ArtsVote BC website as they come in. Look for candidates in your riding and see what they have to say!

Find an All Candidates Meeting in your riding

Upcoming All Candidates Meetings